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Discover the World of Celtic Jewellery

Celtic Jewellery Jewellery Culture

Celtic Jewellery Sterling Silver Ladies Celtic Knot Ring

Explore the ancient and intricate world of Celtic art through its jewellery. Our collection features beautifully crafted pieces with intricate designs and enduring symbols that carry meaning even today. Discover the perfect piece for you or a loved one today.

The History of Celtic Jewellery

Ancient Roots

The birth of Celtic jewellery dates back to the Celtic tribes around 300BC. This created a new form of art incorporated into elaborate metalwork, using gold, silver, and bronze.

Surviving War and Time

Celtic jewellery has seen many changes in craftsmanship, style, and meaning. Despite war, political upheavals and religious transformations, the beauty, and symbolic value of Celtic jewellery has endured.

The Symbolism in Celtic Jewellery

Trinity Knot Symbolism

The trinity knot represents interconnectedness, continuity, never-ending eternal life and infinity. 

Triskele Symbolism

The triskele symbolizes continuity, movement, and progress.

Claddagh Symbolism 

The Claddagh ring is a beautiful symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. The heart symbolises love, the crown loyalty, and the two hands represent friendship. It can be given as an engagement ring or friendship ring.

9ct Yellow Gold Celtic Claddagh Ring

Types of Celtic Jewellery

Claddagh Rings

Symbolic of love, loyalty, and friendship.

Celtic Earrings


Adorn your ears with intricate and delicate Celtic Knots, or choose a pair around an emblem that resonates with your personality.



Celtic Crosses

Celtic crosses are spiritual symbols of faith and courage, representing strength and courage.


Celtic Toe Rings


Celtic toe rings are very popular, giving a bohemian look.



Materials used in Celtic Jewellery


Gold was used for Celtic jewellery since ancient times, creating an imagery of vibrancy and energy.


Silver was also a common metal used in Celtic jewellery to craft elaborate designs that symbolize the never-ending flow of life and energy.


Caring for Celtic Jewellery

Keep it Clean

Clean off any buildup of dirt or oils after jewellery is worn to help ensure that it lasts longer and keep its original beauty.


Keep your Celtic jewellery stored clean, and away from harsh environments that may damage it.

Take it Off to Shower

Don't wear your jewellery in the shower or swimming pools, chlorine, salt, and shower or bath type products can be too harsh and react with the metals.

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