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Ring Size Guide

How do I find out my ring size?

There are two good ways to find out which size ring you are. By following the instructions you will find out the diameter or circumference of your measurement, then you can see from the ring size chart below which letter ring size you are.

Please note: If you are buying the ring as a gift and don't want the recipient to know, measuring the diameter of one of their existing rings (if possible) is a good option. See measure the diameter below.

Measure the diameter

  1. Take one of your existing rings for the finger you want your new ring to go on.
  2. Take a ruler and place the ring on it measuring the widest area of the inside of the ring.
  3. Then round up or down to the closest measurement in mm and you now have your ring size diameter.
  4. Next look at the ring size chart below and you will see your ring size in letters. You can now choose your favorite ring in your correct size. 

Measure the Circumference

  1. Cut a strip of paper long enough to easily wrap around your finger leaving it wide enough not to tear (about 6mm is fine).
  2. Wrap the paper as tightly as possible without tearing around your finger where your ring will be.
  3. Then where the strip joins with itself, making sure it is even, mark a line with a pen.
  4. Next unwrap the paper and measure the length in mm with a ruler.
  5. Once you have your measurement, look at the ring size chart below and compare your reading to the corresponding letter. You now know your ring size and can choose your perfect ring.

 Ring Size Chart

Ring Size Guide Chart